7 Tips to Get Your Butt on the Cushion!

Some interesting tips, will definitely have a look at these when I’m having an unmotivated day

Minding Your Stress

“We must go beyond the intellect into the silence of our intuitive hearts, where separation disappears and knowledge gives way to wisdom.”
~ Ram Dass

Sit Stay Heal Mindfulness is currently a “hot” topic in the media. With the increasing number of books, articles, videos and other vehicles addressing mindfulness, it is relatively easy to learn about this topic. Consuming this information can be inspiring, motivating, and can even develop a sound intellectual understanding of the practices, yet, the impacts of mindfulness are not cultivated in this way. Its benefits are not easily attained; to realize these, some training is necessary, and, moreover, it entails a commitment to ongoing practice. You must go beyond your intellect and actually engage in the practices – it is, ultimately, an experiential process.

You need to make mindfulness a habit! According to Leo Babauta, a writer who focuses on implementing Zen habits in daily life, “If you…

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Meditation and the future for me

I have not managed to fully fit meditation into my schedule yet, despite lots of effort. I am not saying that I do not do it, but it is not something that I always feel I have time for. I think this is the case with many new habits, such as working out. I wonder if regular meditation has a future for me beyond the realms of this class. I am usually stuck between doing it more frequently but feeling obligated to do it, rather than meditating when I feel like it and enjoying it more. I am not sure if it is better to get more sheer hours or more quality hours, but that is something I will have to find out. Despite this, I am confident that I will practice mindfulness after this semester ends. I am unsure if being more mindful is a direct result of meditation, or just a concept, but either way, I love it!


Lately I have been on the fence about certain aspects of technology. In particular when I am on the bus and almost everyone is on their cell phones. I often feel guilty doing the same, as I could be making a friend or talking to someone, or simply enjoying the bus ride. In contrast, technology is so incredible. I think if people many years ago were given such technology, they would never let it leave their hands. Furthermore, this class, edci336, is about including technology in education. Ultimately, I think technology is an incredible tool that must be utilized, but we cannot let it consume us.


I have not been meditating this week as much as I hoped, but I am learning to accept this. I think that people, including myself, are never content with how much they are doing, “I should have studied more”, “I should run more”, so I don’t think there’s ever a point where I will feel like I have meditated enough, it is not something that needs to be done a certain amount, but as much as possible. That being said, I would like to meditate more (haha). Something I have been doing more of is actively trying to be mindful. In particular I have really started to slow down and enjoy my food more. I usually think of eating as a mission to get food into my stomach as fast as possible. It’s not that I don’t enjoy food, it’s quite the opposite, so learning to savour it has been quite a challenge. I have also tried to be aware of my emotions and feelings and not letting them consume me. For example I did not do as well as I had hoped on a paper for another class, and my initial reacting was disappointment. Instead of letting it consume me for the rest of the day, I realized that I was disappointed, and that was merely a feeling that would pass, and it did. I am looking to be more mindful in everything I do


I once read that coffee or other caffeine products are not good to have before meditation. I used to avoid coffee on days I planned on meditating, but as I meditated more frequently and at varying times, I figured I would drink it anyways. It doesn’t seem to affect my focus, if anything it makes it better. I have found that even right after drinking coffee my meditation has been great. Maybe I am just becoming more experienced and better at focusing my thoughts?

Going with the flow

These past two weeks I have sort of changed my mindset about meditation. I used to think of it as doing it for the sole purpose of my EDCI 336 class. So I would meditate/blog/read on Fridays for about an hour and a half usually during the time when I have that class. Now I am meditating whenever I feel like it, or I have the time. I feel it is far more productive to do 3 or 4 times a week than one big session once a week. Also, I will not force it. I used to sit on Friday and do 30 minutes, even if it felt like it would never end, I would still sit there until the timer went off. Now, if I am not feeling it (the other day I had a knee twitch which I tried to deal with, but eventually just stopped) I will stop, and try again later. Furthermore, if I am really feeling it, I won’t stop when the timer goes off, and I will keep going. I feel like this has been much more productive for me, as I can not only get more meditation time in per week, but also more quality time.